Ayurvedic Treatments in Kerala

Ayurvedic Treatments in Kerala has a holistic approach to shed all the worries, anxieties and stress by means of authentic Medicines, scientific therapies, Meditation and Yoga.Saatwika Ayurvedic Treatment centre in Trivandrum Kerala offers scientific ayurvedic treatments and it is a well-known Ayurvedic Treatment Centre for Ayurvedic Treatments in Kerala.Treatment or chikitsa in Ayurvedic Treatments in Kerala has been defined by Acharya as ” The measures by which the imbalanced doshas become balanced is termed as Chikitsa( Treatment)”. So far as the chikitsa or Treatment is concerned Ayurveda is unique to formulate such a wide range of principles relating to the alleviation of diseases that even diet and regimen have been also included in the realm of treatment on the basis of Tridosha principle. Ayurvedic Treatments in Kerala has various curing methods and procedures to treat thousands of diseases and helps in curing diseases as well as helps in maintaining proper health. The speciality of Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala is that it not only provides disease cure but also enhances the social, mental, physical and spiritual well-being of the people. It has developed many unique and highly successful devices of treatment. Solid principles and precision treatment methods are devised for both internal and external medication. Evolved over time these treatments are spread across the eight major branches of Ayurveda, namely Kayachikitsa, Koumarabhrithya, Grahachikitsa, Salakya Tantra, Salyatantra, Agadatantra, Rasayana, and Vajeekarana.

Pain Management Clinic

The pain management clinic of Saatwika Ayurveda Treatment Centre In Kerala offers Various speciality Ayurvedic Treatments in Kerala Centre. The treatment packages are Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis, Ayurvedic Treatment for Back pain, Ayurvedic Treatment For Joint Pain, Ayurvedic Treatment For Neck Pain, Ayurvedic Treatment for Cervical Spondylosis etc.

The speciality ayurvedic treatments and ayurvedic packages for arthritis and pain-related diseases are :

It is specially designed to give relief from pain, stiffness and swelling in the spine and neck due to intervertebral disc prolapse, degenerative diseases, spondylitis etc. The treatment includes – neck and shoulder massage, abhyangam, kadivasthy, greevavasthy, pichu, patra pedala swedam, herbal steam bath, choorna pinda swedam, matravasthy etc.

Pain in the neck that may radiate in the distribution of the affected nerve root. The neck is held rigidly and neck movements may exacerbate pain due to degeneration of the intervertebral discs and secondary osteoarthritis. Effective ayurveda treatments like greevavasthy, pichu, neck and shoulder massage, abhyangam, patra podula swedanam etc. are given along with internal medicines.

Severe pain in the affected area along with difficulty in movements of the spine. Internal medicines along with treatments like pichu, kadivasthy, abhyangam etc are done according to the condition.

There are many reasons for back pain and lower back pain such as irritation to the related nerve roots, uneasiness of small nerves inside the spine, strains in the back muscles,and in many cases injury to the disc, bones, joints or ligaments in the spine may cause back pain.Medicines and treatments are done according to the person and disease.


Menstrual disorders like ammenorhea, dismenorhea, menoragia, hormonal imbalance, PCOD etc. are treated in ayurveda very effectively without any side effects. Internal medicines along with a course of treatment is required.

Post Menopausal  Syndromes like hot flushes, joint pain etc are becoming very common now a days. Ayurveda treatment along with the intake of medicines will give good relief from this condition.

After the normal delivery proper care should be given for good health  of the mother. Internal medicines along with treatments like abhayangam, ushma swedam.. patra podala swedam etc. are done according to the condition.

SLIMMING / Sthoulya hara chikitsa

Ayurveda can help to control most of the life style diseases like Obesity, diabetes etc by natural therapies and life style modifications. Obesity is one of the major health problem which leads to many diseases and even cardiac problems. So it is very essential to control the body weight. Our slimming programme is helpful for reducing body weight and extra accumulated fat in our body by enhancing the fat metabolism. It includes treatments like Udwarbanam, Dhanyamladhara, Choornapinda swedam, herbal steam bath, Virechana etc and intake of herbal medicines specially made for reducing fat. A special diet and life style modification are also recommended during the time of treatment.


It is better to prevent your body from diseases. The treatment includes internal medicines along with treatments like Shodana, Snehana, Swedana, Sirodara, Njavarakizhi, Pizhichil, Nasyam, Dhanyavala dhara etc. according to the body type of a person. Meditation, Yopga and special diet are adviced during the treatment.

Stress and mental worries due to modern life style leads to Insomnia (sleeplessness) and anxiety. We aim to de-stress both body and mind by giving internal medicines, stress relieving treatment, meditation, yoga etc. Special diet and life style modification’s are recomeded during this period.

Skin diseases like psoriasis are well managed in ayrveda by shreedhana, internal medicines and panchakarma treatments like thakradhara, virechanam, lepanam etc.

Ayurveda treatment is very effective in reducing the body weight and extra accumulated fat in our body. Managed by effective internaql medicines along with panchakarma treatments like vdwartanam, ushma swedanam, dhanyamladhara etc. Special diet and life style modification’s are recomended during the treatment.

Headache and migraine with nausea, vomitting and aura of focal neurological events are well managed ayurveda treatment. Internal medicines along with treatments like nasyam, shiradhara etc. are done according to the condition of the patient.

Diabetes is world wide in distribution and the incidence of both type 1 and type 2  diabetes is rising. Obesity, unsatisfactory diet, sedentary life style, increasing urbanisation are some of the factors contributing to the type 2 diabetes. Diabetes mellitus is characterised by hyper glycaemia due to absolute or relative deficiency of insulin. Lack of insulin effects the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fat, and causes a significant disturbance of water and electrolyte homestasis. Ayurveda has effective internal medicines which increase the insuling secretion and helps in the metabolism. Treatments like Udwartanam, Dhyanyamaladhara etc. are done along with special diet, life style modification, yoga etc.

Rise in blood pressure above the normal range is hypertension. Cardiovascular risk associated with a given blood pressure are depent upon the combination of risk factors like age, weight, gender, physical inactivity, smoking, family history, blood cholestrol, diabetes mellitus and pre existing vascular diseases. So it is important to maintain the blood pressure within the normal range. Ayurveda is rich in herbal medicines which effectively controls the blood pressure to normal. Antihypertensive treatment includes effective internal medicines, natural therapies, like style modification, stress relieving treatments, meditation and a special diet is recommended during this period.

Allergic rhinitis are episodes of nasal congestion, watery nasal discharge and sneezing. Ayurveda has effective treatment for cough & allergic rhinitis. Internal medicines along with treatments like vamana, nasya etc are given according to the condition of the patient.

Stress is becoming more common now a days and it effect both body and mind, which inturn causes health problems and mental illness like Insomnia, anxiety, skin diseases etc. In ayurveda, Vata, Pitta and Kapha dosha will get vitiated due to stress which causes many diseases to the body. It reduces  Satwika guna of our mind and increases rajas and tamas which is not good for health. We aims to bring these thridoshas to normally amd to make a healthy body and peaceful mind. The treatment includes – anti stress massage, general body massage or abhyangam, shirodhara, thalapodhichil, medicated steam bath, ksheeradhara etc. along with internal medicines. A special diet and meditation is recommended during the time of treatment.

According to ayurveda, accumulation of vitiated doshas and toxins inside the body is the cause of diseases. So it is very necessary to expel or remove these toxins and free radicals from the body. Shodhana is that which expels the vitiated doshas out of the body forcibly. This treatment has 3 phases – Poorvakam preparatory stage, pradhana karma or panchakarma treatment stage and paschat karma or post purification stage. Poorvakarma includes snehanam and swedanam process like abhyangam, patrapodala swedanam, choornapinda swedanam etc and pradhana karma include vamanam, virechanam, nasyam, vasthy etc. Paschat karma includes rejuvenation treatment, special dieting etc. Purificatory treatment is not only for the body but also for the mind. Mental constitutions like rajas and tamas should be reduced and Saatwika guna should be increases by meditation, yoga etc. In addition to this special ayurvedic medicines and diet is recommended during this treatment. It is very useful in many metabolic disorders and also to improve the health and longevity.

Rejuvenation therapy is to keep the body and mind young, to improve physical  strength, to tone up muscles and to improve vigour and vitality. For the rejuvenation of the mind meditation and yoga is also available. Treatment includes – general body massage or abhayangam, rejuvination massage, medicated steam bath, shashtika pinda swedam, shirodhara, shirovasthy etc.