Saatwika - Best Ayurvedic Treatment Centre in Kerala

Saatwika, the Best Ayurvedic Treatment Centre in Kerala promotes Saatwik life and Ayurvedic well being.“Satwa” is the peaceful, calm state of mind exemplified by the world’s saintly people. It is the state of harmony, the stability of mind, the efficiency of handling matters without partiality and selfishness, emotional stability and detachment.As it is the Best Ayurvedic treatment Centre in Kerala, Saatwika has special treatment methods to increase the satwaguna (good values) of a person and decreases manodoshas like Rajas and Tamas.The unique feature of Saatwika is the holistic and integrated approach to the problem of health and disease and therefore it has more relevance in today’s modern world.In our  Speciality Ayurveda Treatment Centre in Trivandrum, each and every patient should be examined thoroughly with reference to his constitution, time and geographical area. We add the ethics, moral code of conduct, do’s and don’ts daily seasonal sexual regimen of life which are the most important factors to constitute the health of a person. Come let’s live wellness with the Best Ayurvedic Treatment Centre in Kerala